Project Overview

Advanced Sentiment Analysis with auto classification by analyzing subject verb pairing in human daily conversations

Target Users: Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Sales and Marketing, Projects – Capacity and Growth Investment, Strategy and Business Development Teams 

Setup your industries, customers, and products that you buy or sell or compete with and receive automated updates from internal and external triggers categorized under risks and opportunities or neutral (info)

Evaluate Risk and Opportunity – Score to Prioritize, and Quantify – Easy to Build Risk Mitigation & Opportunity Growth Matrix

Integrate CRM, Data Storage Tools (like One Drive, Google Drive) and Office/Communication Suite and Archives.

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Risk, Opportunity, and Info (Neutral) Segregation

“Nowigence has powerful tools for our sales teams. Over the last 5 years, we have come to rely on the product to get AI-based interpretive intelligence in real-time on topics of interest to us and to our clients. Training machines with human-like cognitive capabilities to assist business professionals in decision-making is difficult and complex. I am impressed with the progress that Nowigence has made. I expect them to advance AI ML/NLP techniques to usher the knowledge era for the business world. I wish them luck”.

CP Gurnani, CEO and Managing Director – Tech Mahindra


Evaluate Risk and Opportunity – Score to Prioritize, and Quantify – Easy to Build Risk Mitigation & Opportunity Growth Matrix

Get Automated Weekly Update on R&Os

Integrate CRM, Data Storage Tools (like One Drive, Google Drive) and Office Suite and Archives.