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The Nowigence StoryDriven by Passion to Bring Innovation in AI

Nowigence Inc. was created based on a research paper published around 2014 by a team of data scientists from MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Albany. They were amongst the first few in USA. who were successful in extracting content automatically from doctors’ notes (textual data) and organizing them in ways where statistics could be applied to find the most productive solutions for cures. The company approached the research team seeking their advice to lay the foundation for our AI products.

The company developed AI SaaS platform products called Pluaris (app.nowigence.com) and Lille.ai (www.lille.ai) which are available online. Both are designed to demonstrate their capabilities in real-time to enterprises in the field of extractive and generative AI. The goal for these platform AI engines is to propel the development calendar of enterprises with ready to deploy APIs. The value to customers is accelerated delivery of end AI solutions they seek with significant savings. Some examples of our commercial success are the AI solutions we developed for The Museum of Innovation and Science in NY, Rex-Company for Retail, Guppy Theater for story creation, and others.

Nowigence is also developing a new AI SaaS product called BrandUs.ai that empowers businesses of all sizes to promote their brands helping them optimize their ad spending seamlessly over social media. Its value proposition delivers six times the results in one-third the spend compared to contemporary tools and solutions.

Lastly, it offers IT services not only to support the development of its AI solutions but also to service customer accounts for advanced AI Enabled IT Services.

With roots connected to advisors from MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and the State University at Albany in New York, Nowigence stands as a pioneer in AI, reshaping industries and standing at the forefront of technological evolution.

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Complex Problems

We showcase our pretrained AI platforms to clients assisting them to think through their AI strategies to solve their business problems.

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Custom-built or ready-to-use AI Products

We custom-built AI solutions using our pretrained models propelling your development calendars and offer ready-to-use SaaS products (BrandUs.ai).

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