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What We DoWe are Passionate About Solving Complex Business Problems with AI

We deliver AI focused IT services through our subsidiary STEBR INC Focusing on the 3 key elements of our AI and software delivery strategy


1. Evaluation Engine

Assess where you stand as compared to others to identify the gap and set the goal.

2. AI Analytics and Recommendations

We don't decide for you but provide the traceability and cost-benefit analysis to help you decide your balanced option.


3. State-of-the-Art Software Development

We develop optimal business transformation software solutions with enhanced functionality, usability, scalability, and performance.

We Serve our Clients’ Best Interests with the Best Marketing Solutions. Find Out More

FAQsAI SaaS Products, APIs, and Custom-built apps FAQs

We offer a powerful bundling of APIs, proprietary SaaS products, custom-built AI Applications, and IT Services for post-delivery maintenance and upgrades. We serve the needs of multiple target audiences – Digital Marketing, Sales and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Product Managers, Researchers, Curators, Historians, Academicians, and Students, 

They are our foundational AI Engines. They showcase our capabilities in training machines and help to propel your development calendars forward delivering significant savings in cost and development time.

Pluaris specializes in Extractive AI. It automates the workflow for research and studying, and hosts many pretrained APIs for different target audiences. 

Lille.ai focuses on generative AI providing full traceability of data sources, repurposing content to fit the specifications of different templates.

We have a pretrained model on separating risks from opportunities during data upload from internal and external sources. Most companies have a sales plan by quarter, and they have to mitigate risks or work on growth opportunities to meet their sales quotas.  Our model can help you evaluate risks and opportunities and suggest alternatives. 

Another use case is where our pretrained entity extraction and classification model create a matrix which allows product managers and sales teams to compare competitive products, people, companies, and locations. The comparative analysis of features and benefits assists user to decide on pricing, promotion, and positioning to achieve their end goals. End goals may differ as some want to optimize sales while others product contribution margins.

Pluaris is a workflow for in-depth studies targeting researchers, historians, curators, academicians, and students. It combines the features of Information Retrieval (IR), Information Extraction (IE), Answering Questions (hidden in large data repositories), Summarizing, Note-taking, and Content Generation to fit the specifications of different templates.

These features are domain agnostic. We configure the end requirements to suit the needs of many businesses, government agencies, colleges, and research organizations.

BrandUs.ai is a AI SaaS product for the fully managing your digital promotion.

We all start as small business who find the process to enhance our digital presence either difficult or expensive.

An article by Timothy Carter published in Entrepreneur in January of 2021 says that 50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and 70% in 10.

As the process for enhancing online presence is not clear, we tend to typically hire marketing agencies. They are expensive and we lose the control to evaluate the effectiveness of our digital promotion strategies.

BrandUs.ai evaluates and recommends alternatives balancing costs and predicted results for you to decide based on your goals. It then tracks the performance providing you transparency between the predicted and actual outcomes. 

Technology is an enabler. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, manual jobs have got replaced but many more new job opportunities have been created.  Past inventions and developments have increased the pace of doing business with improved efficiencies and reduced error rates. AI is a powerful technology that brings over 60% productivity with improved efficiencies. It moves us from routine and mundane data analysis and information gathering to thinking and working on higher value tasks to increase business performance. The productivity is needed as the rate of increase of human population decreases. AI will bring many new job opportunities with the increase in business velocity.

If you are contemplating solutions in any of the areas mentioned below then you should contact us.

Custom-Built AI Apps:

One-time product configuration and development fee for custom-apps that use our pre-built training models and APIs. Post development, typical, pricing model is base annual license fees for maintenance and upgrade and usage-based transaction fees. Many customers ask for revenue share model with joint market promotion and expansion.

Own SaaS AI Products:

We build our own AI SaaS products that solves a complex business issue for different functions in enterprises. As example, Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) coordinates the periodic sales planning and sales goal tracking and quota payments. We have pre-trained models for identifying and segregating risks from opportunities, scoring risks and opportunities and assigning priorities, laying down a risk mitigation plan as well as recommending and suggesting growth opportunities to offset sales risks. Sales team can also compare competitive product and service offering by staying updated with features and benefits of different products that compete on values, developing customer-specific messaging, and tracking the industry landscape for prospects that are best fit for sales conversion. BrandUs.ai for driving productivity and efficiency in digital promotion becomes more effective in crafting customer-specific messaging as the raw data for FP&A and Sales Planning and Execution is mostly from the customer facing commercial teams.  We are working on a solution for grocery retailers too which will be announced once the product is nearing its launch.  

IT Services – Custom Solution Built from APIs for Businesses:

We provide advanced IT services not only for custom-built AI solutions but also for serving and maintaining the apps post-delivery. We also have data science experts in our team who work with big data. Additionally, we help companies as advisors to build their AI strategies identifying complex business issues whose resolution increases shareholder value.


Proprietary AI APIs and Products

Pluaris and Lille.ai are a collection of APIs showing our capabilities to train machines to solve your business problems using extractive and generative AI techniques. Check out our pretrained risk and opportunity assessment; features and benefits analysis comparing different competitive products, people, stocks, companies, and locations; and a unified workflow for interrogable research. Explore our own SaaS product BrandUs.ai for fully managed digital promotion.

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Custom AI SaaS Products

We tailor cutting-edge AI solutions to fit your unique business needs. Our team, comprised of seasoned experts, collaborates closely with you to understand your challenges and goals. With pretrained modules and APIs, we propel your development calendars forward. From predictive analytics to personalized recommendation systems, we develop your AI solutions, ensuring seamless integration and ongoing optimization. Transform your business with AI designed exclusively for your success.

Talk AI Strategy
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Software Development

We serve enterprises of all sizes with software engineering services. Our motto - where innovation meets precision. We take pride with our on-time, on-budget delivery performance. Our seasoned team develops your products and solutions that exceed your expectations. From web applications to mobile development, we bring agility, innovation, and robustness to meet your business objectives. Let's embark on a transformative journey in software development tailored for your success.

Let's discuss your project

Our answers to the questions most commonly asked. Ask us a question

    Contact us for any points below:

    Custom-Built AI Apps:

    Have you identified areas with artificial intelligence (AI) with human intelligence (HI) that can deliver significant productivity? Or, do you want to know more about the solutions that we have configured for our customers from our APIs?

    Own SaaS AI Products:

    We build our own AI SaaS products that solves a complex business issue for different functions in enterprises. Ask us about our SaaS products:

    Interrogable Research – When you have large repositories of data and have problems finding connections on topics as data is scattered in too many documents.

    Risk and Opportunity Matrix – When your FP&A, Sales, and Marketing team are spending too much time in budgeting quarterly and then finding it difficult to meet sales quotas.

    Product Comparison – Features and Benefits – When there are many competitive products or adjacent products that threaten to substitute yours. Stay a pace ahead of the competition.

    Customer Intelligence – When you want to analyze different prospects to find those which will reduce your sales closure times.

    Profitability pressure – When you are squeezed on margins and require unbiased AI to assist human intelligence (HI) to make better decisions in real-time. Ask us about our work for grocery retailers.

    Increase Online Digital Presence - When you want to enhance your online digital marketing and branding at reduced costs but better results.

    IT Services

    When you want us to serve as advisors assisting you in building your AI strategy and then offering competitive prices to custom-develop, maintain, and service your IT, data science, and business decisional support platforms.


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    How Can We Help You?

    Need to bounce off ideas for an upcoming AI project or Software integration? Looking to transform your business with the implementation of full-potential AI?

    For any career inquiries, please visit our careers page here.

      How Can We Help You?

      Need to bounce off ideas for an upcoming AI project or Software integration? Looking to transform your business with the implementation of full-potential AI?

      For any career inquiries, please visit our careers page here.