Project Overview

Are you required to compare products for their features and benefits? The inputs are found in press releases, websites, product reviews, research archives, and transcripts of internal calls when discussing competitive products and commercial terms and conditions.

This is tedious work and requires many hours of hard work.

We worked with the Museum of Science and Innovation ( and Pittsburgh National Bank. Both had different need.

MiSci, for instance, was preparing for an exhibition called Ground to Gourmet. Their archives had thousands of documents, manuscripts, research papers, and books. They wanted to find connections among products that remained hidden in their manual research while preparing for the exhibition.

They found thousands of connections on topics such as vitamins, health benefits, and food types covering more than 160 produce cultivated in the State of New York in the last 4 centuries.

Similarly, Pittsburgh National Bank was able to compare the terms and reward programs of various credit cards being offered by hundreds of other vendors to position their own in the market. Schedule a free consultation.


Extractive AI


Research and Analysis


MiSci, New York

Our Solution

Building on the significant interest in artificial intelligence, the Ground to Gourmet, a traveling exhibition that opened at the Museum of Innovation and Science at Schenectady, NY (miSci | Museum of Innovation and Science) features an AI copilot of Nowigence to dig deep into the shelves of their archives. The visitors are transported on a journey through the fascinating origins of the food history past and present. Also, the kiosk at the entrance to the gallery hosts an interactive kiosk where answers to the top questions asked by the visitors on archival research are flashed as a reference.

MiSci – Answers to top questions

The Result

“When building exhibits, we do a lot of research that doesn’t make it into our final product; but Lille gives us a way to put our work to use more than ever before. We are now able to better satisfy the curiosity of our visitors, and we’ve even found connections in our research that we didn’t know were there”.

Kurt Beecher, Vice President of Exhibition Development, Museum of Innovation and Science (MiSci)

This use case can be applied to any business wherein the reception or waiting area can present various products, their features, and benefits, or facts that serve as nuggets of knowledge for the visitors.