Project Overview

Interrogate Publicly Available & Private Data Repositories, Cloud Storage Tools, and Archives – Ask
Questions, Get answers from large data lakes.

Our Solution

Guppy Theater ( offers many products amongst which is a story telling apps for young children. Users select one of many options for different elements of preloaded stories related to the primary character, settings, actions, objects, and reasons. Extracted content related to the user selection for different elements results in snips from various stories being connected in unique ways resulting in a new story. The engine behind this creative story telling app are AI algorithms developed by Nowigence to support the App.

“Guppy Theatre, (Crossover Media and Design), stands at the forefront of transmedia innovation, crafting unique intellectual properties tailored for the 21st-century child. Embracing the era of the semantic web, we have joined forces with Nowigence to revolutionize storytelling tools. Through the remarkable agility of the Nowigence team, we are seamlessly implementing a customized storytelling solution, bringing our vision to life by creating participative story worlds where children take center stage—ultimately enabling users to become the protagonists of their own narratives.“

Cyril-Vincent Michaud, CEO, Crossover Media and Design

The Result

Guppy Theater team can look at meticulously extracted and refined primary character, situations, actions and titles that is the outcome of state-of-the-art AI algorithms, and the items can be used in any form of presentation at the story app.