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The Future of Search is Now

Are you one of those people that typically spends a lot of time searching for good data on the internet? According to IDC data, it’s said that the average worker spends about 2.5 hours of their day looking for the information they need to just do their job. Whether you are using Google or asking a colleague, it can be tough to get the exact information that you are looking for.

Stop Settling for Bad Data

We’ve all been there… our brain is so burnt out from looking through tons of data that we just settle for the information we’ve already found. In the back of our minds, we know that there’s more relevant intelligence out there, but we just don’t have the capacity to continue our research to find it.

Data, Data, Data, and More Data

Today, there are over 6 million articles produced each day. For business professionals trying to stay on top of their industry, this is a nightmare to manage. Data analysts, researchers, marketers, and even salespeople spend countless hours each week sorting through “junk” information to find some information they can actually use.

Data Peace of Mind

At Nowigence, we’ve created an AI platform, Pluaris, that uses Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate the way users find trusted, relevant intelligence – and we find it in a matter of seconds! When you need information fast, Pluaris searches public and premium sources to find the information most relevant to your search. However, we take it one step further than keyword-based searches.

Our AI platform dives into the sentence of every article available on your topic, extracts the information, then summarizes it for you in an easy to read format. The result is easily consumable intelligence without needing to read even one article. Now that you have the right information, you can spend more time making decisions and less time scrolling for answers.

Outside Looking In

One of the downfalls to external searches on the web is that search engines don’t know who the user is or what they want. They can make a general speculation based on your searches, your IP address, etc. but deep down they don’t know anything about you or your company. That’s where Pluaris steps in. Our AI platform integrates with various IT tools (CRM’s, document repositories, Office 365, etc.) across your organization to cross reference any search you perform. This means that employees never have to do the same work twice. Another benefit is when you find valuable data that you think is important, you can easily share the information with anyone in your company. This feature is perfect for top-down leadership organizations who want to have transparency within their entire organization.

AI has a huge impact on how business professionals find the information they need. Even more, NLP and ML technology can automate tedious tasks, such as searching for information, and equip businesses with the right information to make quicker, more informed decisions.


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