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Why Businesses Are Turning Away from Search Engine Research

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Why Businesses Are Turning Away from Search Engine Research

Keyword Search May Become a Thing of The Past

Artificial Intelligence broke onto the scene in the 1950’s when humans asked the question, can computers solve problems on their own? With technological advances skyrocketing over the last 50 years, the way humans consume information has grown exponentially. There is so much information and data in the world, that it is almost impossible for us to find the right information quickly.

Obviously, we are all accustomed to searching on Google for the information we need. However, you probably browse through various articles, maybe even go to page 2 or 3 to find the right information you need or get multiple opinions. In most cases, it takes several hours to find the proper information for adequate research.

The Google Flaw

It is very convenient to search Google for the answers you need on the fly. Many people probably aren’t aware that Bing actually brings back more specific and relevant results compared to Google. Search engines like Google and Bing have two big flaws. One, they don’t know who you are and two, they find information based on keywords. With over 6 million articles produced on a daily basis, how do you know what information is relevant and what isn’t?

Keyword Search Is A Thing of The Past

Can you imagine looking through 6 million articles to find the one article that is relevant to you? Search engines are a great way to begin narrowing down the information you need, however they are not comprehensive. Companies are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to:

  • Improve the way research is done
  • Cross-reference their internal knowledge
  • Decrease the clutter of information

AI-Powered Search

Advances in AI technology has led to machines comprehending the meaning behind textual data. Humans have a unique ability to decipher information and be able to determine relevance based on what they read, what they know, and what they’ve experienced. Teaching machines to not only find information but be able to comprehend context has been one of the most challenging human-like properties to mimic. AI-Powered search is no longer dependent on keywords. The machine reads the article, finds key points, cross-references your internal knowledge, and determines the relevance specific to you.

New Tech Beats Google

Nowigence has developed this revolutionary technology that conducts research for you by unifying the worlds’ information with your own institutional knowledge. Think of it as a virtual assistant that you can continue to “teach.” Unlike a human, its capacity is limitless and can quickly comb through an excessive amount information each day. The key difference is it unifies its findings with what you have already collected and can cross-reference colleagues’ findings within your organization. This gives you a complete landscape of the information available to you and leads to more agile research, analysis, and decision-making.

The Future of Research is in AI

When it comes to more productive research, AI is going to play a significant role in finding personalized information faster. As more and more content is generated on a daily basis, it is now more important than ever to use AI to conduct research. Early adopters of AI should see significant outcomes and improved efficiency when researching topics. This will lead to faster decision making and businesses will be able to quickly identify risks and opportunities.


Nowigence, Inc. is a fast-growing SaaS company using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Machine Teaching to comprehend large amounts of information, analyze key intelligence, and prime humans to determine the business implications from data. Since its focus in AI from 2015, Nowigence has grown from its early beginnings in Albany, New York into a global software solution changing the way businesses build strategies, make decisions, identify risks, and win business.


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