Pluaris Use Cases

Pluaris mimics the way that we, as humans, read, analyze, and comprehend textual data. Many of us have a backlog of work related to reading, or face issues with staying focused on the task of reading or recalling the content that we just read. Individuals, teams, and enterprises can now quickly distill knowledge 24/7 buried in narrative-intensive documents instantaneously from various data sources, both public and private.

We segregate our use cases at two levels.

1. General Use Cases that provide a glimpse of the capabilities included with Pluaris that users from different walks of life find useful. Pluaris adapts quickly to provide benefits within a short period of time.

    2. Department-Wise Use Cases that explain the problem faced within departmental silos of enterprises, and
    the way Pluaris helps in the resolution. Pluaris is pre-trained to annotate data across industry segments.

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