"I have to search, grasp, analyze the information and share & collaborate with my team members".

Sales & Marketing

According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. Nearly all data generated in businesses is in the form of language, but few today have the resources to leverage it. Numeric data is organized and is easy to analyze. Text and transcript data is not. One has to read it at average adult speeds of about 300 words per minute or ignore it.
Data is crucial in decision-making. However, nearly 80% of the data today exists is unstructured and often inaccessible to regular reporting processes or human-intensive analytical approaches. 

What's Your Goal?

Search, grasp and share key points with peers to quickly achieve the team goals.

Use Case

Pluaris is an intelligent reader with an end-to-end full automation of reading, analyzing, connecting, discovering, storing, presenting, and sharing insights. One of our customers Tech Mahindra pools data for their strategic prospects using Pluaris. It integrates their existing marketing platform, customer relationship management (CRM), and web-scrapes competitive sites to build a knowledge management platform for their sales, marketing, and corporate communication teams. Pluaris extracts key points from multiple sources, generates an annotated feed that taxonomizes and links text data from multiple files. It assists users to create hyper-contextual briefings, reduce internal meetings, make quicker-decisions, and build deeper relations with clients 

The Solution for Selling More in Less Time

Sales & Marketing teams use Pluaris to quickly and effectively explore and  analyze new prospecting cases, and recall notes, so they can turn their discussions into successful sales.

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