Project Management Use Case

To maintain records of discussion & decisions and to be able to quickly extract the key points when needed.

Engineering and Project Management Team Management

“I am a member of an engineering team where I need to maintain records of every minor or major decisions that are taken as part of product development. There are liabilities if a component whether manufactured internally or purchased fails to meet expectations resulting in performance failure.”

What's Your Goal?

To gather actionable intelligence from various info sources. I have many tools to manage projects wherein I have to enter the details and maintain records. But I want a system that has the capability to collect, analyze, categorize, connect, recall, and report out intelligence by pulling together information from various sources like meeting records, recordings, communication (emails, instant messaging, shared drives, and others).

Knowledge seeker app

Use Case

One of the major aircraft manufacturers of the world who had to ground a fleet of aircrafts after a few fatal disasters had to go through extensive reviews with the Federal Aviation Safety Board (FASB). All records that were maintained during the engineering phase were reviewed and analyzed to confirm that the problems identified during product development were addressed as per required standards.


Pluaris is an App that mimics humans in their abilities to absorb knowledge from what they read. Humans read at speeds up to 400 words per minute. In contrast, Pluaris is able to read hundreds of narrative intensive pages in just a few minutes. It analyzes content at the same time that it reads. Pluaris is pre-trained using extensive data sets and has built-in proprietary classification models. It annotates (or labels) answers to questions like who, what, where, when, why, how, and how much in every sentence that it reads. These labels then are used to create project task lists and status updates or build intelligence dossiers as reports. Project Task Lists are a part of custom BI projects that we build out of annotated extracts. Pluaris is able to integrate with any enterprise tools like meeting platform, recording and/or transcription services, project management system, email, instant messaging, shared drives, and others.

The Solution for Learning More in Less Time

Life-long learners use Pluaris to quickly and effectively explore, gather, analyze, retain, and recall information, so they can turn their insights into knowledge.

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