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Nowigence, Inc. Partners with Orion Innovation to Accelerate AI and Machine Comprehension Technologies

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CHARLOTTE, NC (March 5, 2020 ) – Nowigence, Inc., the leading provider of the world’s first fully automated contextual AI platform, announced today a strategic partnership with Orion Innovation (“Orion”), a premier global business and technology services firm, to accelerate the sales, research, and development of  comprehensive AI-driven technology for enterprises.

This strategic partnership brings Nowigence’s machine comprehension, natural language processing, and interpretive intelligence technology together with Orion’s digital transformation and product development expertise to help enterprises deploy an AI-powered decisional support system.

“Our off-the-shelf AI solution brings speed and efficiency to decision making, converting written textual data into intelligence in real-time, much beyond human abilities,” said Anoop Bhatia, President and CEO of Nowigence. “Orion brings unparalleled expertise in digital transformation and product development, and has a successful track record of quickly innovating, delivering, and scaling innovative technologies for their growing portfolio of Fortune clients. It’s an exciting partnership and we are looking forward to working with Orion’s team to expand our groundbreaking technology.”

“AI is revolutionizing the global business landscape and our partnership with Nowigence will enable Orion’s clients to incorporate a unique AI and machine comprehension technology as part of their digital transformation efforts,” said Satish Kumar, EVP Sales and Strategic Partnerships of Orion. “The digital product engineering and data analytics strength of Orion combined with the powerful and flexible AI solutions from Nowigence helps companies make faster and more insightful decisions.”


Nowigence Inc. is a global software solution company with a uniquely flexible and sector agnostic AI-powered decision support system. It changes the way businesses master their data. Through novel machine learning and natural language processing techniques, it comprehends the meaning and extracts intelligence from data. Its rapid and highly automated machine reading comprehension techniques offer easily configurable add-ons to a standard offering. Nowigence has offices in Albany, NY, Charlotte, NC, Seattle, WA and Noida, UP (India). For more information, visit


Orion is a premier, global business and technology services firm that provides digital transformation and product development services.  Rooted in engineering and design thinking, along with a unique combination of agility, scale and maturity, its team of over 4,000 associates helps Fortune 1,000 companies increase efficiencies, improve customer experiences, and develop new digital offerings.  Through its delivery centers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Orion serves clients across financial services, professional services, communications and media, automotive, industrial automation, professional sports and entertainment, life sciences, ecommerce and education. For more information, visit


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