Knowledge Workers Use Case

“I need to stay on top of the latest news of my customers and industry.”

Knowledge Workers

Pluaris automatically retrieves and analyzes publicly available reports, news, and analysis on your topics of interest every day,  so that you can quickly scroll through an annotated news feed on your phone, tablet or laptop, while finishing your morning coffee.

What's Your Goal?

Learn the most in the least amount of time

Knowledge seeker app
Knowledge Seeker Sharing App

Use Case

A Pluaris enterprise customer was interested in tracking news and events in the Telecom industry. The customer was able to quickly create and then fine-tune a list of topics to monitor. In just two days she had an annotated news feed covering the Telecom industry available for her whole team.


  1. Manually upload websites, text, and files. Do not read but let Pluaris assist you.
  2. Set up daily automated monitoring of public sources on your topics of interest.
  3. Integrate with enterprise tools (drives, instant messaging, email, and more).

The Solution for Learning More in Less Time

Knowledge workers use Pluaris to quickly and effectively explore, gather, analyze, retain, and recall information, so they can turn their insights into knowledge.

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