Human resources Use Case

For helping in on-boarding trainings and unbiased job appraisals.

HR Personnel and Supervisors involved with Performance Appraisals

“If only I had an unbiased job appraisal tool to prevent high attrition rate in the people we want to retain.”

What's Your Goal?

I need to build a job appraisal management system where it is easy to match skillsets for jobs that open up, promote the right talent, and create a system where performance feedback and assessments are tracked for progress.

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Use Case

The HR team from one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms with nearly 300,000 employees approached us to solve one of their business problems. Their issue is employee retention. They see a huge attrition especially with the employees they want to retain. As part of their job appraisal process, the supervisor assesses and appraises every team member two times a year in a recorded session. However, they do not have the means to mine the transcribed data, in meaningful ways.


Pluaris was able to mine the data instantaneously in a live session. We partner with a product called Aldo that records, transcribes, and uploads transcription of any meetings directly into Pluaris. Pluaris then is able to analyze the content within a few seconds matching major achievements described by the individual and his or her supervisor to categorized skill-sets, tracking needs identified and building a plan (custom-built according to scope) to satisfy the requirements. Additional features on clustering personality types and traits without bias or projecting a possible career path for individuals can be custom-built over time.

The Solution for Learning More in Less Time

Life-long learners use Pluaris to quickly and effectively explore, gather, analyze, retain, and recall information, so they can turn their insights into knowledge.

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