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"I have to find what tried & tested knowledge is available within my community".

Healthy Living

World spends daily average of 7 hours online, a part of which is spent on researching health-related ailments and cures. Today, there is no Community Knowledge Bank on specific topics like health issues which updates daily from news and journals, stores, annotates, distills knowledge, answers questions, discovers insights, facilitates note-taking and sharing of experiences.
74% of the world’s population of nearly 8 billion
is 15 years or above in age. Even if 5 minutes are spent, surfing the Internet on health topics, then this amounts to 2.5 billion hours daily.

What's Your Goal?

Save time in Learning and building my own daily use health dossier.

Knowledge Seeker Recalling Knowledge

Use Case

A user worked with Pluaris after he received a report from his doctor of a high fasting blood sugar level. He was recommended medication but instead he wanted to try natural cure remedies. He uploaded a few research reports into Pluaris, scanned summaries, and explored the annotated labels. Based on that analysis, he quickly set up Pluaris to auto monitor topics such as “lowering fasting blood sugar” and “low glycemic food“. 
From those results, and within 10 days, he built an action list of daily habits for diet and fitness. Within two months, he brought his fasting blood sugar level back down. He then decided to set up a new company that is powered by Pluaris. It’ll allow the public to auto track and discover knowledge related to their daily health not only saving time but also provide learn from other community members to take the best course of action.

The Solution for Learning More in Less Time

Healthy Living pursuers use Pluaris to quickly and effectively explore, gather, analyze, retain, and recall information, so they can turn their insights into knowledge.

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