Enterprise Use Case

“I want to access earlier information and compare it with my latest updates.”

Teams and Enterprises

As you continue to add more and more information to the system over time, Pluaris never forgets. You are building a knowledge base of the information that is most relevant to you. Pluaris Builds Intelligence.

What's Your Goal?

Analyze and comprehend text in less time.

Legal professional app
Legal professional application

Use Case

A Pluaris user at one of the world’s largest aluminum mining companies was tasked with preparing talking points for her manager for an upcoming investor meeting.

Using Pluaris, she had over time built a database of documents, including transcripts, notes, Q&A sessions, speeches and internal documents, some of which were from previous investor meetings. She was able to quickly explore that knowledge base through the Pluaris Dashboard, drilling down using various filters. She quickly pulled this information together in a Pluaris Notebook and shared the note directly with her boss.

Explore Your Knowledge Base:

  • Scan your feed to see the extracted summaries and intelligence (fig A)
  • View the graphical analysis of the annotations and analyzed content (fig B)
  • Drill-down to any level of granularity using the available filters
  • Discover new connections, topics, and insights

The Solution for for Learning More in Less Time

Enterprise workers use Pluaris to quickly and effectively explore, gather, analyze, retain, and recall information, so they can turn their insights into knowledge.

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