Pluaris Use Cases

Pluaris mimics the way that we, as humans, read, analyze, and comprehend textual data. Many of us have a backlog of work related to reading, or face issues with staying focused on the task of reading or recalling the content that we just read. Individuals, teams, and enterprises can now quickly distill knowledge 24/7 buried in narrative-intensive documents instantaneously from various data sources, both public and private.

We segregate our use cases at two levels.



Community Knowledge Banks

Real-time intelligence app

Healthy Living

As world is spending more hours online Community Knowledge Bank on Healthy Living is need of the hour.

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 AI Marketplace

Pluaris for Teams and Organizations

Covid Research DataBase

Rapid acceleration in new Covid literature made it difficult for the medical research to keep up. How Pluaris was helpful?

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Sales And Marketing

Textual Data is crucial in presenting and decision-making. Pluaris helps in organizing the decisive points.

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 AI Marketplace

AI platform used by banking employees

Intelligent Reader & Smart Search Engine

Pluaris’ Intelligent reading & smart search capability makes it serve to variety of use-cases .

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