About Nowigence

Nowigence is an investment company focused on nurturing innovative AI solutions. We are the parent company of Lille.ai™, a cloud-based platform that revolutionizes content creation and knowledge management, enabling individuals, teams, and enterprises to distill knowledge from various data sources efficiently.

About Nowigence team

Our Journey

We have been at the forefront of the AI revolution, collaborating with pioneers in Machine Learning (ML) and Natural language Processing (NLP) from the early stages.

Birth of Lille.AI

Our initial advisors, a team of experts from MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and the University at Albany in New York, laid the foundation for Lille.ai. Their expertise in extracting and organizing data for statistical analytics paved the way for the creation of this innovative platform.

mobile versions of pluaris AI powered nlp insight engine

People Who Shaped The Company


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