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What is ? is designed to build online brand visibility and improve brand reach for various industries via organic search using powered content and optimized internal back-linking.
Great Help in Research

   Lille – its features

      • SESANETS Framework
      • Advanced extractive and generative AI
      • Traceability and privacy
      • Customizable for different industries
      • Integrations with other platforms
      • User-friendly interface
      • Automated Backlinking of content
      • Omnichannel Publishing Capabilities

Tools That Lille Integrates With uses APIs to integrate with Cloud Data Storage tools (like One Drive, SharePoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox), Customer Relationship Management, CRMs (like Salesforce), Instant Messaging Apps (like Slack). 
Its core publishing capability is to publish to LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and WordPress platforms.
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Knowledge Seeker platform

“I need to stay on top of the latest news of my customers and industry to write about them.”

Lille automatically retrieves and analyzes publicly available reports, news, and analysis on your topics of interest every day, so that you can quickly scroll through the auto generated daily Blog feed on your phone, tablet or laptop, while finishing your morning coffee.

Information gatherers platform

“I have to come up to speed on a new topic as quickly as possible."

Upload a few related websites and documents to Lille and within minutes you are exploring this new area of interest, scanning the ideas, gaining new insights about this topic, and finding new keywords to broaden your search and deepen your understanding. 

Legal professional application

“I want to access earlier information and compare it with my latest updates."

As you continue to add more and more information to the system over time, Lille never forgets. You are building a knowledge base of the information that is most relevant to you. Lille Builds Intelligent content.

AI learning accelerator

From Individuals to Large Teams

We offer subscription pricing and different tiers to meet your growing needs.

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